PayPal Sucks

PayPal is the most crooked online money sending place ever. I recently bidded on a Ti89 Titanium on ebay and got it for 129 including s/h. (Great price!) I payed via paypal via echeck. I bidded on the item last thursday and the money was deducted from my bank account friday. Paypal has yet to pay the seller of the item. I look at my paypal purchase description and it says clearing time TUESDAY! So I clearly sent an email to paypal support telling them to quit screwing up. Also, see

DWeb's guide to cleaning shoes

Today I was running out the door chasing the dog. The dog saw a person walking on the street and ran up to see her. I managed to get a hold on the dog and bring her home, but on the way back, theres this mini slope. Of course I'm bringing dog back inside and didn't think of this and get my sneakers covered in mud as there is a big ditch at the bottom. :(

So here's my instructions on washing shoes:

- First toss them in the washing machine on a low water level setting. Add in a bit of laundry detergent to help get the stink and mud out.
- Next take them out and stuff them with newspaper. Don't let the chunks of newspaper be too thick or it will not absorb as well. Leave newspaper in both shoes for 30-45 minutes.
- Now its time to let them air dry. The best approach is to put a fan in front of them. The more power the faster they dry. Right where I live right now, its the middle of a heat wave. So I realized the big air conditioning fan and motor outside is going around 24/7 and with huge amounts of hot air. If you take the latter approach, the shoes are usually dry with 1.5-2 hours, especially since it runs at least 10000 rpm. Otherwise the in house approach may take 4-6 hours. Also note that the air blown out from under your refrigerator is also good.

So in under 3 hours you can have your shoes squeaky clean with a nice smell, and be dry.

Sarge Frozen ... Freezerburned?

While sarge was frozen today, how much longer is it going to be till its freezerburned like Woody. Not even sure woody is freezer burned, its like calcified. I'm putting my bets for release on mothers day this sunday.

Cogito Documentation

Today I started work on writing the documentation for cogito. I figured, someone needs to be able to update and create documentation easily. So I'm writing a doc system based on udo with macros for the manpages. So a similar syntax to this:

!include inc/header.udo
!include inc/manpagename.udo

!manpagename [cg-log] [cogito log viewer]

!include inc/synopsis.udo
(!synname [cg-log]) (!synargflag [-path] [/path/to/foo])

Alright you get the idea.

Fibonacci : Haskell edition

On my run through the haskell language, I implement my hello world like program for every language which is fibonacci.

Here is my haskell implementation:

diffsquares a b = 2*n*b + n^2
where n = (a-b)

fib :: Integer -> Integer
fib 0 = 0
fib 1 = 1
fib 2 = 1

fib n | (n `mod` 2) == 0 = diffsquares (fib ((n `div` 2) + 1)) (fib ((n `div` 2) - 1))
| otherwise = (fib (n `div` 2))^2 + (fib ((n `div` 2) + 1))^2

Diffsquares is a little differencing squares hack only squaring the distance between the two numbers. The fibonacci implementation is based on fib(n)^2 + fib(n+1)^2 = fib(2n+1)

M$ Access, the root of all evil

Friday my coach (very computer illiterate, maybe illiterate too) asked me to print out an access database of names. He hands it to me on a cd, and says Monday I want to see it printed out.

First I attack it with mdbtools and find there are 30 tables, which am I to choose? I look through all of them and find Names which seems to have what he wanted. I dumped it in CSV to a file and then did my magic with awk to get names addresses and zip codes. Of course with handy cups-pdf installed I run it through pdfprint. It turns out theres 192 pages. I say fuck that and leave it as is in a pdf and email it to him.

Of course that couldn't be the end. I get a response back from the mailserver tailing me his email account is full. Spectacular, he must have a quota of 5mb for these crap school accounts. So I then upload it to my webserver, send him another email saying its there and thats what happened. All will be found out tomorrow. M$ Access suuuuuuuuucks.


Of all time, I've reached the time where my acid reflux is the worst. To sum up when I get it...

(22:35:47) Dan: here's my day in heartburn time
(22:35:51) Dan: I wake up : heartburn
(22:36:00) Dan: I am hungry : heartburn
(22:36:12) Dan: spurrious : heartburn
(22:36:24) Dan: drink orange juice or mt dew : heartburn
(22:36:44) Dan: running for football : heartburn